Marketing Events
When you really want to find a way to differentiate your next marketing event and make it memorable consider having us set up relaxing and rejuvenating Massage Spa Stations as a focal point for your guests.

At Massage in Motion we understand the business aspect of achieving maximum impact with your targeted attendees. Over the years we’ve found that virtually everyone enjoys the lift and sense of improved focus that comes from spending just 5-10 minutes in the hands of our certified chair practitioners.   Once they’ve received their treatment your guests are refreshed and ready to receive your message.

Transcend the limitations of traditional marketing.  Target your market by captivating their senses with a relaxation massage.  When you create a unique brand experience, consumers remember and they react.

Whether it’s a scheduled break time during a Conference or Seminar or you have massage spa stations set up for all day service at your next Customer Appreciation Event or Product Launch you’ll find its one of the most popular attractions at your meetings.